Chairman and partner of the Associated Firm ASS&F, expert in tax, corporate and bankruptcy law.
Member of the statutory board of auditors of numerous companies in the Brescia area; specific focus on development and control in innovative start-ups.
He is the judge’s technical consultant in financial and company disputes.

Mauro Agliardi

Partner & Chairman

Partner of the firm, he is a Chartered Account and Independent Auditor in Brescia; expert in corporate law and international taxation.
Expert of public and private bodies, he holds important positions as an auditor of Local Bodies.
Statutory and independent auditor in corporations and a technical consultant of the Court of Brescia.

Massimo Somenzi


A partner at the firm, he is a corporate teacher in the banking sector, consultant and an AIAF-CIIA certified financial analyst. A chartered accountant and independent auditor, he is Chairman of the Board of Alto Adige Banca, specifically focused on problems in company and credit finance. He works with important legal firms, especially in the field of company and banking disputes, and those arising from derivative contracts. Technical consultant of the Court of Brescia for financial contracts; professionally registered as an Expert in company crisis management.

Ivan Fogliata


Partner of the firm, he is a Chartered Account and Independent Auditor in Brescia, and an expert in corporate law and tax disputes. He has acquired extensive experience in relations with Financial Administration and holds important positions, including as a statutory and independent auditor, in corporations.
Technical consultant of the Court of Brescia, he is frequently required to work on problems linked to bank-business relationships. He is professionally registered as a supervisor of over-indebtedness crisis.

Andrea Savoldi


A chartered accountant, she operates in the tax, corporate and company assistance and consultancy sector for corporations, partnerships and professionals.

Jessica Cavagnoli


Chartered accountant, financial analyst and consultant. Graduated in Management and Finance from the University of Brescia, with a graduation dissertation on the assessment of interest rate swap derivative products. Focuses on the management of relationships between banks and businesses, as well as on long and short term financial planning, especially for companies during the start-up phase. An InFinance teacher and trainer at businesses, industrial associations and credit institutes.

Michele Moglia


Financial analyst, trainer and consultant. Degree in Economics, Management and Finance. She is specialised in financial statement analysis, financial programming and adequate organisational structures. Expert in the preparation of business plans and the evaluation of intangible assets, brand and goodwill in particular. Operates in the company crisis field with particular focus on debt restructuring agreements for company continuity, and company internationalisation.

Diana Lesic


Chartered accountant, financial analyst, trainer and consultant. Degree in Management and Finance, with multi-year experience in the banking sector and at consultancy firms, specialised in company finance and assistance in litigation regarding financial products. Expert in liabilities management and debt sustainability, she assists companies, including third sector ones, in the development of financial performance control.

Gessica Valsecchi



Highly qualified and passionate, tends to clientèle and serves the team whenever issues requiring immediate assistance arise.

Simona Metelli


Serves professionals and clientèle with professionalism and precision, ensuring continuous assistance and rapid solutions.

Alessandra Facchetti


Ensures a high quality service at all the Firm’s offices, thanks to her competence and dedication.

Ilaria Bettinsoli


Channels all her passion and efficiency into supporting the firm’s organisation and its clientèle.

Chiara Scaroni


Supports the firm, coordinates back office and reception operations.

Glenda Brambilla


Manages initial contact and back office operations with passion and professionalism.

Myriam Pelucco


Expertise and accuracy at the service of experts and customers to offer constant assistance and immediate solutions.

Sara Rapicavoli


Manages back office and reception activities with kindness and skill.

Martina Scaratti


Promotes the organisation of the practice and service to clients with dedication and efficiency.

Elena Cattafesta